• Borgwarner R2S turbocharger

Borgwarner R2S turbocharger

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Borgwarner R2S turbocharger represent the pinnacle in exhaust gas turbocharging. This high performance turbocharging system for diesel engines, which employs a small high-pressure turbo and a larger low-pressure turbo, opens up completely new possibilities for optimization of performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions values.
Borgwarner R2S turbocharger systems allow significant increases in power density and thereby downsize the engine, which in turn offers considerable reductions in fuel consumption. At the same time, the transient response is improved even further compared to VTG. The R2S technology allows high exhaust gas recirculation rates even under full load conditions and thereby drastically reduces NOx emissions. Two-stage regulated turbocharging systems can also be combined with VTG technology. As pioneer of this technology we have comprehensive experience in the planning, design and manufacture of R2S turbochargers for light vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The keys to successful implementation in these light vehicle segments are compact design and optimum integration. We already cover all market segments, from light vehicles with 1.9 liter engines, all the way up to heavy duty pick-ups with 6.4 liter engines.

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