Rajay Turbocharger

Rajay turbochargers are mainly designed for aircraft engines.

All Rajay turbochargers are built around a 3-inch diameter rotating group. The lightweight impeller and turbine wheel design results in extremely low inertia, permitting an instant response to engine speed and load changes. The short length turbine wheel and shaft (only 4 1/2 inches).

Rajay  turbochargers have become original equipment on a variety of piston engine aircraft, such as the Piper Seneca, Turbo Arrow, Enstrom Helicopter, and Aerostars, as well as over 1,200 aftermarket Turbo Normalizing STC installations on normally aspirated engines.

The driving force of the RAJAY turbocharger is the turbine wheel (left) and compressor impeller (right). It is capable of rotating up to 120,000 rpm.

A Rajay  turbocharger is basically very simple in its design and function.
This simplicity coupled with its rugged features assures a long and satisfying operating life. With consistent care and maintenance, these turbochargers will often outlast the engine.

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