Turbochargers for Passenger Vehicles

Turbochargers for Passenger Vehicles:
As a technology leader in the field of turbocharging and a leading supplier of turbochargers both for diesel and gasoline light vehicle engines, BorgWarner creates turbocharging systems that allow our customers to meet current and future emission standards, achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption  while at the same time designing engines that set standards with regard to perfomance, smooth running, reliability and durability.

As a professional supplier of BorgWarner turbochargers,we provide the whole range of BorgWarner turbochargers.

Our product portfolio for light vehicles consists of turbochargers with waste gates and twin-scroll technology, high performance turbocharging systems with variable turbine geometries (VTG) for diesel and gasoline engines, as well as multistage, regulated 2-stage turbocharger (R2S) systems.

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