Doing Daily Maintenance Of Diesel Turbocharger For Your Cars To Keep It In Good Condition

Doing Daily Maintenance Of Diesel Turbocharger For Your Cars To Keep It In Good Condition
Diesel turbocharger can greatly improve the power and torque of the engine without changing the structure and size of the engine, meanwhile, it can also help lower the oil consumption and reduce exhaust gas emission. However, according to the feedback of many diesel turbocharger users, the false use of diesel turbocharger may cause the lowering of engine power and increasing of oil consumption on the contrary. Therefore, we need to learn some specific knowledge about the daily maintenance of diesel turbocharger to ensure the efficiency operation and economic performance of diesel turbocharger.
Right use of diesel oil
First, we should pay attention to the quality level of the diesel oil. For low supercharged diesel engine, we should choose diesel oil above CC level (including CC), while for the high supercharged diesel engine, we should choose diesel oil above CD level (including CD level). Secondly, the viscosity grade of the diesel oil. We should choose proper viscosity grade according to the temperature conditions, wearing of the machine, etc. Last but not least, we should pay attention to the cleanness of the diesel oil, because the match of rotor and shaft of the turbocharger is very accurate. If the diesel oil is too dirty or deteriorated, impurities will be brought into the turbocharger, which will accelerate the wearing of shaft. Therefore, do keep the cleanness of the diesel oil and clean the oil filter frequently.
Right way to start the engine
After we start the engine, we should first let the engine operate in a low speed (depending on the temperature of the engine and the air temperature outside). When the diesel oil has got to certain temperature and pressure, the shaft of the turbocharger has been fully lubricated, we can increase the speed and put it into operation. This is of high importance especially when it's cold outside. For the engines which has not been used for a long time (say more than several days), we should first loose the inlet adaptor of the turbocharger and put the same oil with the oil pan into the inlet in case that the rotor be burnt when we start the engine because of faulty lubrication.
Right way to turn off the engine turbocharger
If we turn off the engine which is in high-speed operation, the diesel oil in the diesel turbocharger will stop circulating immediately. While, the rotor of the turbocharger is still operating in high speed. In this case, the shaft can be burnt because of the lack of oil. Therefore, do reduce the load of the diesel engine gradually and operate it in low speed for a while before we turn off the engine. When the rotor operating speed is lowered down and the temperature of the oil comes down, we can turn off the engine.
Sure, the diesel turbocharger requires more in its function. While, if we can pay attention to these little details in our daily use, it can make all the work worthwhile.