Seven Main Engine Turbocharger Parts And Their Irreplaceable Functions

Seven Main Engine Turbocharger Parts And Their Irreplaceable Functions
In structure, an exhaust turbocharger is mainly made up of an exhaust-drive turbine and a radial compressor, installed at the two ends of the turbine shaft with individual casting housings. The main shaft is set within center housing, called bearing housing, which prop up the turbine shaft. The two sides of a turbo bearing housing are linked to the turbine housing and compressor housing are at the both sides of the center housing, connected with the turbo housing. There are 9 turbo parts which form the main structure of a turbocharger.
1. Turbocharger rotor assembly
It is the dynamic balance parts of a turbo, comprised of a turbine, thrust bearings, thrust collar rings, seal ring support, turbo compressor wheels and locking nuts, etc.
2. Turbo bearings
The main shaft of a turbocharger rotor is assembled with floating bearings whose inner holes have prescribed clearance among holes of turbine shaft and turbo cartridge. The bearings take radial load of the turbine rotor. The turbo cartridge (CHRA) is installed with thrust bearings which take axial load of the rotor.
3. Seal parts
There are seal rings on turbine rotor shaft and seal gasket grooves. They play dual roles of oil seal and gas seal.
4. Turbocharger cartridge (CHRA)
The bearing housing is the supporting structure of a turbocharger, fixing diffuser back plate and turbine housing on the with bolt the turbo cartridge. The rotor radial load and axial load are transferred to the to cartridge CHRA respectively by floating bearings and thrust bearings. Meanwhile, the cartridge is also the turbocharger lubrication cooling device and its inlet hole links main oil duct of the engine lubrication system. Lubricating oil exerts lubrication function for floating bearings and thrust bearings, it also brings gas exhaust away from the turbo to ensure its normal operation.
5. Turbocharger turbine
It's mainly comprised of a turbine wheel and a turbine housing. The turbine is the prime mover which drive gas exhaust through the turbo compressor wheel/impeller into the turbine; the shaft drive the compressor wheel rotate in high speed.
6. Turbo compressor
It's mainly made up of a compressor wheel/impeller and a turbo compressor housing, etc. The impeller rotates to get air in and start to compress air with the impeller blade rotation into the intake pipes.
7. Bypass valve
It's mainly formed by bypass bellows, links shaft and valves, etc. It runs to limit the turbocharger speed when the engine is in the big load; meanwhile, it reduces the engine explosion pressure in full load and maximum speed. The turbocharger with bypass valve can improve low-speed performance and the closed valve can improve the transient response.
Except turbo cartridge CHRA, compressor, turbine shaft and wheels, there are many other turbo parts that work as whole turbocharger assembly.