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Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896

Product name:Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896
OEN No.:97387896
Material :Turbine wheel material is k18,OEM quality
Warranty:12 month
Paymen: L/C T/T Western Union
Supply capacity:30000 pcs per year
Delivery time:within 30days (200pcs)
We specilize in providing various turbochargers for many years.We can provide engine turbochargers,diesel turbochargers,tractor turbochargers,hydraulic turbochargers, petrol turbochargers,centrifugal turbochargers,ship turbochargers,water cooled turbochargers,aircraft turbochargers,truck turbochargers,ball bearing turbochargers,miniature turbochargers,small engine turbochargers,electric turbochargers,exhaust turbochargers, car turbochargers,etc.
These products we offered are high efficiency and good quaility.Reasonable prices.
Our company's advantages:Harmonious culture, elegant environment, strict management, selection of materials, excellent products, good reputation. Turbocharger features:
1.to improve engine emissions. The turbocharger engine can reduce the emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides and other harmful components in engine exhaust gas by improving engine combustion efficiency.`Turbocharger is the indispensable configuration that can make diesel engine reach the above 2 emission standards..
2, to provide the function of altitude compensation. High altitudes, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, the engine with a turbocharger can overcome the power of the engine due to the thin air of plateau decline.
3, to improve fuel economy, reduce fuel consumption. Better combustion performance with a turbocharger engine, fuel savings of 3% -5%.
4, to improve engine power. In case of engine displacement constant by increasing the density of the intake air, so that the engine can be multi-fuel injection, thereby increasing the power of the engine, the turbocharger installed after the engine power and torque increased by 20% to 30%.
Client can send us sample to develop new turbocharger.Over 500 kinds of turbochargers can be offered. we have years experience in supplying turbochargers,this is how we keep good quality and competitive price for global valued customers.
We are sure your any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.
Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896

Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896

Product name:Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896Brand:Garrett OEN No.:97387896MOQ: 5 PCSMaterial :Turbine wheel material is k18,OEM qualityWarranty:12 monthPaymen: L/
Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387895

Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387895

Product name:Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387895Brand:Garrett OEN No.:97387895MOQ: 5 PCSMaterial :Turbine wheel material is k18,OEM qualityWarranty:12 monthPaymen: L/
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