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Schwitzer Gasoline turbocharger

Gasoline turbocharger is becoming more and more important due to recent emission and fuel economy regulations and the saturation of the diesel turbocharging market. It has been predicted to be the fastest growing segment in the industry for the coming years. With relatively small engine torque levels
compared to the diesel engines and with the engine downsizing, turbocharger compressors for the gasoline engines must have good efficiency near the compressor surge line, particularly at the bottom end low PRs and low mass flow region. This is critical to improving transient response which in turn makes downsizing and improved fuel economy possible. They also must have wide map widths, be compact and cheaply made.
Efficient small compressors are key to the success of gasoline turbocharging. Size effects must be considered when selecting the major geometric parameters of the compressor wheels such as the blade number. The blade number should in general reduce with the size of the compressor

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