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HTT Full electric turbocharger

The Full Electric turbocharger gives more downsizing with a smaller storage reservoir compared to a hybrid powertrain on a standard driving cycle.
Full electric turbocharger  features:
1.Less pipe-work than a standard turbo
2. Better control than multi-stage
3. Price point between the two
The ECU controls the turbo no need to tune around it
1.Turbomachines are optimised for efficiency, with fewer desig ( n constraints (Let the electronics handle the transients)
2. Turbo speeds can be brought down, reliability increases
3. Controlled to get maximum benefit from VGT systems
4.Works with EGR as good or better than a standard turbo
5. Lower cost than other advanced turbos
6. Electronically controls and protects the turbo and the engine in extreme performance applications
We offer Full electric turbochargers,welcome to contact us for more details.

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