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Garrett turbocharger

The heritage of the turbo business began in 1936 when young Cliff Garrett formed his company in a tiny, one-room office in Los Angeles. With encouragement and financial support from friends like Jack Northrop and Harry Wetzel, plus $5,000 he borrowed on his own, Garrett founded the company that would later become the Garrett Corporation.

A turbocharger is a highly technical product that requires superior design and intensive capital to produce. It must meet the most severe requirements that only a world-class manufacturer like Honeywell's Garrett brand can achieve.

Garrett is one of the few brands that subjects its turbos to several OE qualification tests that ensure that Garrett is only stamped on safe and reliable turbos! Some of these tests include:
1. On-Engine Durability - A 1,000-hour general turbocharger durability test that is run on-engine in an engineering laboratory.
2.Compressor & Turbine Housing Containment - A compressor/turbine wheel is set to burst at a specific speed. No portion of the wheel is allowed to penetrate a containment shroud surrounding the turbocharger; a test to ensure safety.
3.Shaft Motion - The maximum tolerances of the bearing system are tested for rotordynamic stability beyond the maximum turbocharger operating speed. This means no bearing problems and a long turbo life.
4. Compressor & Turbine Performance - The entire operating range of both the compressor and turbine are mapped on a Performance Gas Stand.These test cells are calibrated to strict standards to assure accuracy and consistency.

We are authrized to privide garrett turbochargers for many years,Any types of garrett turbochargers can be offered by us,please contact us for furthur information.

Garrett GT Series Turbocharger  GT12
Garrett GT Series Turbocharger GT12
Garrett GT Series Turbocharger  GT12 Apllication: A range of modern wastegate turbochargers ideally suited for small-displacement applications including motorcycles, snowmobiles and more.
Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387895
Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387895
Product name:Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387895Brand:Garrett OEN No.:97387895MOQ: 5 PCSMaterial :Turbine wheel material is k18,OEM qualityWarranty:12 monthPaymen: L/
Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896
Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896
Product name:Garrett Hydraulic turbocharger 97387896Brand:Garrett OEN No.:97387896MOQ: 5 PCSMaterial :Turbine wheel material is k18,OEM qualityWarranty:12 monthPaymen: L/
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